Good sausages since 1870

For 150 years we have been elaborating the type of cured meats that leads us into temptation time and time again…


Casa Noguera cured meat products.

We make elaborate cured meats, but good cured meats, which are those that when you eat them you say things like “things used to be done better before” or “our grandparents did know how to eat well and better”. Because we want to continue to do things as always, continuing with the family’s traditions. We are proud of still using the original 150-year-old recipes and at the same time use elaboration processes that are respectful of the product, its flavour and its nutritional values.

But don’t think that our more than one-century history will prevent us from innovating. On the contrary, each year we launch a new product onto the market, with new flavours and textures, which leaves nobody indifferent. We innovate with the “savoir-faire” that we passed on from generation to generation, as we are a family which elaborates cured meats with passion since 1870.

Cooked meats

White botifarra, egg bottifarra, blood botifarra, bull, mortadella, blood bull and many other products cooked in the boiler or oven. Catalan, delicious and with more than 150 years tradition.

Raw meats

We are referring to the traditional raw botifarra, ideal to cook on the grill and with beans. We make it with lean pork meat, the ideal amount of fat, salt and pepper. Available in the traditional format, sausage or ‘tirallonga’ special size.

Cured meats

We are referring to the different ‘fuet’ sausages and natural bacon. Yet ours are different: We dry them slowly so to intensify their aroma and flavour. Oh, and they say our bacon looks like ham because of its colour.

Gourmet products

For the more foodies, we have two lines of gourmet products. High-quality dates wrapped in bacon, loin or cured ham. And the Pecatum format of our botifarras: Creative, elegant and playful.

Vegetable preserves

Different types of bulk fresh olives (Etna, Vinci, Kalamata, Botija, Martini and Noceralla) which are ideal for snacks. And of course, if you are on the BBQ, you must have our grilled artichoke.


Our flagship products

A sausage that once you try it, you will want more. We make it in an artisan way and with free range eggs, it is the most emblematic product of our company.

Original recipe from grandfather Joan Ramón. The combination of its exquisite ingredients and the passion when making it, make this the most valued bull in the market.

Wrapped by hand, one by one. A Deglet Nour date with our cured bacon. A desired product exported to Europe because of its great quality and delicate flavour to the palate.


From the farm to the plate everything matters

We distribute to more than 1,000 points of sale and that entails a great responsibility and commitment. All our products are made daily with fresh meat from the most valuable parts of the pig, which comes from local certified and accredited slaughterhouses by the EEC. Our production process establishes several measures to ensure the utmost food safety and the most conscientious respect for the Noguera family’s traditional recipes. The ingredients we add to our products are of superior quality, the highest you will find in your deli, such as the free-range eggs and the best selection of dried fruits.

If you want to know more about how we make our deli products, how are processes are and the way our distribution works, take a look at the production process section.

Do you want a product from Casa Noguera?

Either if you are a delicatessen dealer, restaurant owner or lovers of fine cured meats, we will deliver our product to you.

Photograph: Casa Noguera offices in Igualada