Egg Botifarra with Calçots

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If you are one of those who love to go to a calçotada every year and put your hands black eating calçots, this is our tribute to you. Our egg botifarra with calçots is very good on the grill or in a sandwich.



We elaborated our egg botifarra with calçots in the following way:

  • We use bacon, fat and pork jowl, add a dozen free-range eggs per kilo of meat and add salt, pepper and their secret spices.
  • We add calçot made deliciously grilled.
  • We mix everything and leave it to the vacuum that is mixed slowly, without haste, with care and making sure that the resulting paste is well linked.
  • We stuffed it in natural pig gut and tied it by hand with a cotton thread.
  • Once the butifarra is made, put it in a pot full of broth, boil at high temperature for 45 minutes to melt the maximum fat and get an egg botifarra with calçots as light as possible.

The result is an excellent egg botifarra with calçots that will delight lovers of this onion originally from Valls. And the party that is a calçotada, of course.

It is excellent for grilling or sandwiches.

How we make this product

Ingredients for the egg botifarra with calçot:

  • Pig’s meat (belly, fat, jaws).
  • Free-range eggs.
  • Calçot.
  • Salt.
  • White pepper.
  • Spices.

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1kg, 200gr

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