Traditional Egg Botifarra

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It is our start product. We make this product following the original recipe left to us by our great-grandmother Ramona. The result is an excellent egg botifarra which can be eaten in sandwiches or grilled.



We make our egg botifarra following the original recipe of great-grandmother Ramona:

  • We use pork belly and jaws, add a dozen free-range eggs per kilogram of meat and add salt, pepper and its secret spices.
  • We mix it all and we leave it to blend slowly, without hurries, with care and ensuring the resulting paste is well compacted.
  • We stuff it into natural pig’s tripeand tie it by hand with a cotton string.
  • When the sausage is formed, we place it in a cauldron full of stock, we will cook it at a high temperature to melt the fat as much as possible and achieve defatting and lightening the botifarra.

The result is an excellent egg botifarra which is considered the best in the world, its mild flavour makes it ideal for the youngest members of the family.

It is excellent for sandwiches or grilled.

How we make this product

Ingredients for 1.5 kg of egg botifarra:

  • 1kg of pork (belly, fat, jaws).
  • 12 free-range eggs.
  • 28gr of salt.
  • 3gr of white pepper.
  • 1gr spices.

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