Dates with Cured Loin

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Do you love cured loin? Then our dates with cured loin are for you: Enjoy this snack which is served cold.



We make our dates with cured loin following the original recipe of grandfather Juan Ramón:

  • Basically, we make a perfect match between the sweet Deglet Nour date and our salty cured loin.
  • We take each date and wrap it by hand with a slice of loin.
  • It is a very artisanal process, as everything is done by hand. We wanted to continue doing things traditionally, delicately and taking care of the product.

The best date with the best-cured loin confer the product an exquisite delicacy to the palate.

Dates with loin are ideal for aperitifs, they can be served cold or hot.

How we make this product

Ingredients for the dates with cured loin:

  • Deglet Nour date.
  • Cured loin.

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