Fuet Espetec

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With the best pork trimmings and tender belly meat we make the same espetec as great-grandfather Ramón used to do. It is perfect for children’s sandwiches.



We make our fuet espetec following theoriginal recipe of great-great-grandfather Ramón:

  • We use the best trimmings and the most tender belly meat.
  • We chop it all well cold and paste it adding salt, spices and additives.
  • We stuff it into natural pig’s tripeand tie the fuet by hand.
  • We place it in the drying room for 2 weeks to achieve a good maturing.

The espetec is ideal for the children’s sandwiches, they love it for lunch or afternoon snack.

Once you cut a piece you will not be able to stop cutting.

How we make this product

Ingredients for the fuet espetec:

  • Pork (trimmings and pork belly).
  • Salt.
  • Species.

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