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Do you like carbonara? Well, the classic recipe is not made with bacon but with guanciale. The guanciale will also be used for pasta at the amatriciana!



The guanciale is a typical product of the Lazio region, located in central Italian, and with capital in Rome. Its name originates from the word guancia, (cheek in Italian).

Its flavor is more intense than other pork products such as bacon, it has a softer consistency and more delicate texture.

We prepare our guanciale as follows:

  •  We catch the pig’s papilla and rub it with salt, sugar and spices (black pepper, thyme or fennel).
  • We let it cure for three weeks.

It can be tasted naturally, sliced or tasted slightly heated on slices of bread. Its most frequent use is in sauces such as amatriciana, which is a fundamental ingredient, with onion, tomato and pepper. It is also found in the carbonara pasta recipe.

How we make this product

Ingredients for guanciale:

  • Pig’s papilla.
  • Salt.
  • Spices (black pepper, thyme or fennel).

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