Lard of Pork

2,60 IVA incl.

Pork lard as an ingredient is used in many recipes such as butter croissants, roasted suckling lamb, migas from La Mancha, among others. 250gr tub | 10.32€/kg.


Lard is the result of melting the softer fats of pork. At that time the fried fat dice become the pork rinds and the melting fat gives rise to the butter.

When it is hot, the lard is transparent liquid aspect like oil and when it is cooled it remains solid and white.

The butter is still used in the villages as a preservative of the sausages that are made. They are covered by butter, thus preventing the air from spoiling them.

The manufacturers of hams use butter as a cover for the piece to prevent it from drying out more than the ham’s foot.

How we make this product

Ingredients of Lard of Pork tub:

  • Pork fat.

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