Traditional Boar's Head

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This highly nutritive sausage contains all the meat from the pork’s head. You can eat it in a sandwich, grill it or use it to enrich some beans.



We make our boar’s head following the original recipe of great-great-grandmother Ramona:

  • We use all the meat from the pig’s head, cheeks, ears, snout, etc. We cut it all with a knife for its preparation.
  • We add salt, pepper and spices, we macerate it all for 48h to be able to then stuff it into a steel mould, called half-moon.
  • We place the moulds in the cauldron with hot water at 80ºC for 2 hours.

The result is an excellent boar’s head which you can eat in a sandwich or as an appetiser.

How we make this product

Ingredients for the boar’s head:

  • Boar’s head meats.
  • Salt.
  • Pepper.
  • Spices.

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100gr, 1kg

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