Turkey breast

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The turkey breast is the perfect meat for those who control fats and calories, as its meat hardly contains fat. Ideal for the entire family and especially for the kids.



We make the turkey breast using the animal’s finest piece:

  • We cook the turkey breast with its bone so that it is juicier.
  • The breast is boned after being cooked and it is then smoked dry so that it impregnates of a subtle smoke aroma and flavour.
  • The result is simply a natural turkey breast, made only with the whole breast, not with many turkey meats made with pieces of any part of the turkey.

It is a very healthy meat as it hardly has any calories and has almost no fat.
The natural turkey breast is being the greatest rival of traditional ham.

Its consumption is ideal for all the family, especially for those who want to enjoy a healthy product in the daily diet.

The turkey breast can be eaten in sandwiches, as an appetiser or on its own if we are on a diet.

How we make this product

Ingredients for the turkey breast:

  • Turkey breast.
  • Salt.
  • Spices.

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