White botifarra de perol

White botifarra de perol

We make our white botifarra de perol following Josep’s recipe, the fourth generation of the family:

  • We use bacon, trimmings and pork jaws, as well as cheeks, snout and other tasty meats of this great animal.
  • We carry out the first cooking of these meats.
  • We chop it all and mix it with the spices to achieve for the paste to be well blended.
  • We stuff it into natural pig’s tripe and tie it by hand with a cotton string.
  • When the sausage is formed, we place it in a cauldron full of stock, we will cook it at a high temperature to melt the fat as much as possible and achieve defatting and lightening the botifarra.

It can be eaten in sandwiches or hot grilled. Due to its recipe, it is tastier than the normal white botifarra, you will notice the pepper and the crunchy meats

Food information

Ingredients for the botifarra de perol:

  • Pork (belly, trimmings, jaws, cheek and snout).
  • Salt.
  • Pepper.
  • Secret spices.

Allergens information of the botifarra de perol:

Packaging and delivery

Product available in trays with a protected atmosphere. Casa Noguera serves this product packed in a tray that guarantees the conservation, flavour and maximum quality to the point of sale.

Product available in individual pack or with 5 pieces vacuum-packed individually to ensure the conservation, flavour and quality.

We deliver this product to points of sale and catering businesses in Barcelona and the vicinity in 24h. For other locations, contact us and we will provide more specific information.

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