Cooked meats

White botifarra, egg botifarra, blood botifarra, white bull, blood bull, mortadellas and many others.
Products cooked in the boiler or over. Delicious and with 150 years tradition.

Raw sausages

We are referring to the traditional raw botifarra, ideal for the grill with beans. We make it with lean pork meat and with the exact amount of salt and pepper. Available in the traditional format, sausage or ‘tirallonga’.

Cured meats

Here you will find different types of ‘fuets’ and our natural bacon. Yet ours are different: We dry them slowly so to intensify their aroma and flavour. Oh, and they say our bacon looks like ham because of its colour.

Gourmet products

For the more gourmets, we have two lines of gourmet products. On one side, high quality dates wrapped in bacon, pork loin or cured ham. On the other, the Pecatum format of our botifarras: Elegant, attractive and ideal for culinary creations and to play with your creativity.

Vegetable preserves

Different types of bulk fresh olives (Etna, Vinci, Kalamata, Botija, Martini and Noceralla) which are ideal for your aperitifs. And of course, if you are on the BBQ, you must have our grilled artichoke.