Shipments will be made through the Seur frio Company.

The shipping costs will be applied in the following way:

For deliveries in the Postal Districts comprising 08001 to 08042 the postage will be free, for the rest of the postal districts of the Peninsula the postage will be 5.95 € including taxes. In the case that the purchase exceeds 50 € including taxes the shipping costs will be free (Spain only).

The delivery time is usually between 1-2 working days, depending on the destination population and the payment method chosen. This term is understood as long as the availability of the goods has been confirmed and the full payment of the order has been checked.

The Provider will not assume any responsibility when the delivery of the product or service does not occur, because the data provided by the user, false, inaccurate or incomplete.

The delivery will be considered made when the carrier has placed the products at the user’s disposal and the latter, or the delegate thereof, has signed the delivery receipt.

It is up to the User to verify the products upon receipt and expose all the exceptions and claims that may be justified in the delivery receipt document.

In the event that the contracting does not involve the physical delivery of any product, being these directly downloaded from the website, the provider will inform the user in advance about the procedure to be followed to perform this download.