White wine Abracadabra 2016

27,60 IVA incl.

To make the Abracadabra white wine we will need a little magic, for those we will use two varieties of grapes, Garnacha blanca and Macabeo, the type of fermentation will give them the necessary magic. 75 cl bottle | 36,80 € x liter.


The magic of the abracadabra lies in the fermentation, for this occasion we will carry out a double fermentation. The first is French oak barrels and the aging will take place in stainless steel tanks for 120 days. We will finish refining the broth in its bottle for another 10 months. Serve at 12 º C. straw yellow color, on the nose is a complex and elegant wine, you will find among other aromas, ash, vanilla, tropical fruit. On the palate it is a tasty, fresh, unctuous wine, with a lot of volume and a long finish. persistent, you will be surprised by its quality. 14.5% alcohol.

How we make this product

Varieties of white wine Abracadabra 2016:

  • 70% White Grenache.
  • 30% Macabeo.

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